Teva (Nature) and Torah – Ki Tavo



The goal of Teva & Torah is to try to bridge the disconnect between ‘city-dwelling/civilization’ and the agrarian culture of Ancient Israel.

So, first we talked about sustainability & then about local and seasonal eating…which lead us to discussion of CSAs.

We took a field trip (& admired the gorgeous sky & the magnificent white-lined clouds! on the way) to the RSNS kitchen where we went through a typical ‘share’ and got to taste tomatoes & green beans from the organic farm. Next we feasted on grapes, figs and dates – three of the Seven Species brought to the Temple (to show gratitude for them) as described in the first sentence of this week’s parsha Ki Tavo. We learned that Bikkurim (the celebrational procession to Jerusalem) still occurs – and is marked with parades & song!