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These are thoughts shared by Zoe Lefkowitz of our current Vav class and a member of the first round of the Tikkun O’loom breira:

Hi my name is Zoe. I am 11 years old and I love rainbow looming. I have loved this project because i am doing a good thing and making other kids smile. I am definitely a kid who loves smiling. Each time I finish a bracelet i feel so happy because I am giving and helping. As a kid I know many kids love colorful things and I think rainbow loom bracelets are a great way to do it. Each bracelet is a splash of color. Each color has a meaning to me. Yellow means smile, pink means happy, blue means beautiful or handsome, red means strong and orange means pride and the rainbow means smile, happy, beautiful, handsome, strong, and pride altogether. All these colors bring me joy and happiness and it will for you too. I love this project because it is helping kids of all ages and bringing joy to them. I love rainbow looming and I love helping people out.