Cucumbers, Water, Salt and Garlic


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During our Tu B’Shevat celebration today, one of the stations required the above ingredients!  The recipe below is how we began the pickling process!

1 mason jar

3 or more kirby cucumbers

Dill weed (used Osem Frozen)

2 or more cloves of garlic, peeled

1 1/2 tbsp of kosher salt

Water to fill jar and cover the cucumbers

Cover the jar tightly for 24 hours and then release the CO2 that was created.  Then leave the jar lightly covered  allow to ferment to up to 2 weeks.  The length of fermentation depends on your taste!  The brine will seep out of the jar when it is loosely covered so be sure it is in a place that the leakage will not cause a problem!




Tikkun O’loom


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These are thoughts shared by Zoe Lefkowitz of our current Vav class and a member of the first round of the Tikkun O’loom breira:

Hi my name is Zoe. I am 11 years old and I love rainbow looming. I have loved this project because i am doing a good thing and making other kids smile. I am definitely a kid who loves smiling. Each time I finish a bracelet i feel so happy because I am giving and helping. As a kid I know many kids love colorful things and I think rainbow loom bracelets are a great way to do it. Each bracelet is a splash of color. Each color has a meaning to me. Yellow means smile, pink means happy, blue means beautiful or handsome, red means strong and orange means pride and the rainbow means smile, happy, beautiful, handsome, strong, and pride altogether. All these colors bring me joy and happiness and it will for you too. I love this project because it is helping kids of all ages and bringing joy to them. I love rainbow looming and I love helping people out.


5,000 Bracelets by May 2014


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Here is the link to the video created with images of our students and families creating bracelets for Heal the Children in Guatemala.  Added to our images are images from Dr. Jordan Gitlin’s recent trip to Guatemala where he handed out over 1,100 bracelets!  Post your thoughts here!

Hanukah Food Celebration


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On Tuesday, December 3rd, we were lucky to have Linda from Frank’s Pizzeria in Port Washington as our special guest.  She shared her latke recipe and made enough latkes for each student to taste her magical latkes!  One of her secrets is Yukon potatoes … more details you will have to grill your students for!  It was a great way to share Hanukah with the whole school!  What is your favorite latke recipe?  Please post and share your thoughts!!

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We tried a new art direction today with “torn midrash”. We talked about the concept of angels and what it means to be afraid, what makes us afraid and what makes us feel safe. The class watched G-dcast on You Tube to understand the meaning of the parsha, Was Jacob wrestling with an angel, with G-d or actually with his brother Esau?Image

1,433 Rainbow Loom Bracelets … Can we create 5,000 Bracelets by May 2014?


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There are no words to describe how proud I am of our RSNS community and our neighbors who have reached out to help!  With everyone’s dedication, Dr. Jordan Gitlin will be able to share smiles with rainbow bracelets, not just for his patients, but for the extended family members as well!

Dr. Gitlin works with Heal the Children and they have graciously agreed to keep accepting bracelets that are being created with smiles to share smiles!  Additionally there is a school, that Dr. Gitlin has visited with his family, that we will be reaching out to and building connections with.  They have 250 students and each student will receive a bracelet as well!

Watch your weekly emails for the next looming day – everyone is invited to help!

Thanks for helping to make the world a better place to be!
Keep on Tikkun O’looming!
Morah Lauren
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